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August 8, 2010 - Second Letter from Mishawaka

August 8, 2010

Hey Everyone:

Hey, I did hear about the Notre Dame player. I actually met him. His name is Chris Badger, he is going to Ecuador or something like that. He went to Timpview High School. He is a way cool guy. He was way excited to leave. He opened up his call letter with the whole Notre Dame football team, so he told a way cool missionary experience with that. Elder Williams does know about diabetic first aid mother. I told him the first night we were settled in. Don't worry I’m responsible, ha ha, well kinda. I'll try to get an appointment set up with a diabetes doctor and what I all need to do.

But I bet you wanna know how the last week went down. Well it was an up and down week that’s for sure. I remember one of dad’s fellow seminary teachers telling dad or something when Chase, mom and I went to the seminary after we went to the Bountiful temple that I was ready to be a missionary, or I was prepared or something. Ha ha, what an understatement. Whether or not I was, I was humbled this week. I just wasn’t able to figure anything out. I went through a big swing of things. We met up with a couple of investigators. I’m not sure if I told you guys about Dave and Bev, but they are the coolest people ever. They are about your guy's age, 50's area in life and they were a referral from Glen Beck (Just goes to show anyone can be doing missionary work), and they are in love with Glen Beck and found out that he was Mormon. So, not yesterday, but a week ago they just decided to show up to church by themselves, not knowing anybody, and the whole ward fellowshipped them in. They were looking confused in the parking lot and a member asked them if they needed help and she brought them into testimony meeting and they have loved church since. We talked about baptism yesterday with them and when we go by later this week we will set up a baptismal date. It’s so amazing the progression they have made. The first Sunday that they came they went to gospel principles class and learned about the word of wisdom, and both of them haven't drunk coffee since. They just all the sudden went cold turkey......How awesome is that? I still can’t believe it. It’s like a dream. The miracles of people that you encounter and when you share your testimony even if you stumble with it how much it impacts them, it’s so amazing I just can't even express how it is. I feel like I’m not worthy because of what I’m actually helping them accomplish in the eternal aspect of everything. It’s so crazy I’m so excited for them. They both run marathons and half marathons, so I told them to do the Ogden marathon, and that we should do it all together when I get off my mission. Maybe if they invite us to do a 5k on p-day we will be able to. I haven't run as much out here in Mishawaka. But, weird enough I haven't gained a pound. We ate at another Samoan's house again. We had ribs and we ate til we were stuffed, and I mean I ate a lot. As much as I could until I just couldn't swallow any more. Those Samoan's like to eat man!!! We have lately talked a lot with people about temples and temple marriage. It’s so great people just light up when you talk about it with them and you can see that that’s something they want to do and that’s what we are there for. We are going to the college football hall of fame in South Bend today for p-day it'll be sweet, ha ha. Maybe one day my picture will be in there, ha ha, just playin. Missionary work is dang exhausting but totally worth it at the same time. I read my Patriarchal blessing yesterday and that helps a ton. It helps guide me in my mission.

Hey Dad, what ever happened to tennis Districts? Sectionals?? and all that jazz? Don't tell me you blew it for the team!! Ha. There is this guy in the ward up here that played tennis for BYU and plays in tournaments all around. He wants to hit with me sometime on a p-day, but it won't happen cause my companion won't put up with tennis jazz, he doesn't even like to run what a bum. The thing that I try to do out here is forget about the world things that are going on and stuff that will happen when I get home, like sports, especially college football, with all the Notre Dame fans. The thing that helps the most is when I think of family. When I get distracted I think of our family back at home supporting me and how much you guys want me to succeed and to work as hard as i can. It helps so much. I think of friends, ward members, and everyone that has impacted me in life and it’s something that relieves you from stress out here because everyone wants you to do good things out here and when you think of them you don't want to let them down. Well, at least I don't want to let them down, and I won't and I don't, so thanks Mom, Dad, Paul, Scott, and Jessie for your guy’s prayers. Even if you’re not praying for me I know you guys are thinking of me, and it helps me and of course I’m always thinking of you.

Sorry to say nothing too funny happened this week except we biked in the rain and cars splashed us with water. So, if you can imagine me just telling people thank you with a weird looking smile on my face when they splashed us, well, there you go. This guy we tracted into might call mom and dad. He is going out to Ogden and he wanted to get your guy's number so he could meet up with you. I wasn't sure what number to give him so if you want to meet this sweet catholic guy that loves us than tell me what number you guys want me to give him when he gets out there. I was surprised he even asked me. He just said he wanted to get in contact with you guys when he was out there. So, who knows. I found out that Mario is getting baptized the 21st. He was the guy in my last area. It’s awesome. I hope I can see a bunch of people progress out here in Mishawaka.

The people that play for Notre Dame football get 4 free tickets to each home game and they said if we wanted they would give them to us if we brought investigators with us which would be the only way to go anyways because a investigator has to be there but its ok'd by the president as long we bring 2 investigators, so maybe I could be able to see the Notre Dame vs. Utah game. It would be awesome, ha ha. Hey, you should send me out a schedule of the Utah football season. I bought a red tie to wear each day that they play so that would be sweet to have. I’m not sure what else to write, except yes mom our apartment is separated into sections, and the river is way cool to see in our back yard.

We are going to play B-ball with some investigators today other than Dave and Bev and this week we’re going to invite them to baptism. It’s so cool to see people progress and how the gospel changes their life for the better. It’s a big difference that you can see. They feel the spirit which only inviteth to do good so it’s always a humbling experience out here. I'll keep ya guys posted on anything else. Tell me if my letters are too long. Sometimes I think they are but I dunno. If I forgot anything let me know also.

Love you all,

Elder John Michael Moore

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