Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27th Letters

December 27, 2010

Familia de espirito:

Don’t ask me what that means, but I’m starting to get bored of coming up with new addresses for these emails that I’m writing. But, it was AWESOME to talk to all of you on Christmas. Man o man it was awesome. Wasn't that weird like I thought it would be, but all of you sound the same as you have before so not much has changed. It seems like everyone back at home keeps saying that they can tell that I’ve changed a lot which I don't know what that’s supposed to mean, but, I guess it’s for the better. I keep wondering what I will be like in a year and a half. Oh well, it’s not important. But this email probably won't be too long since I told you practically everything on Christmas. But again, thank you for all the gifts that you gave me they are very well used and they will be for a long time.

I can't wait to get all the letters from the whole family. I think in every conversation I had with everyone I told them to repent and write me more letters. I was very excited when dad told me that g-ma went through with my idea of having a Christmas party with Uncle Brian’s family and having all of them write to me, so I will be excited to write them. I even told Scott to have Karyn write me. So, I guess I will be having a lot of letters to write in the next coming weeks.

After I talked with all of you guys on Christmas we went to our bishop’s house and ate there and then we got to play games with all of the kids. Me and the bishop went at it in ping pong and after much trial I beat him. It was the first time that he had lost in 15 years he said, and all the kids were saying we have hope now, he actually lost!!! So I gave them a message of hope this Christmas season, haha, probably not in the best missionary way, but it was Christmas. And on Christmas night, when a member that was at the bishops house to dropped us off at our apartment, we were helping him unload things at his house first and so I was in the back and his little girl just looked at me held out her arms and she just started falling expecting me to catch her good thing I acted fast because she was seriously just going to fall if I didn't catch her. So I caught her and put her on the ground she was a cute little girl but it was pretty funny the member saw me and he started giving me a hard time about it all, but at least I saved a little girl from getting hurt, so the spirit of the law right???????

But other than that, that’s all I got. I love you guys so much, and I will be trying to send out as many letters as I can to everyone.

Happy New Year!!!


Elder John Moore

Hey Papa,

Well I promised you that I would respond to your email when I got them so here I am. That’s so sweet that G-ma went thru with my idea, it will be so sweet to get letters from everyone. I’m shaking right now because of the excitement. But it was so awesome to talk to you all on Christmas. It wasn't as weird as I thought it was going to be. I’m glad I was able to talk to everyone. Elder Deardeuff has 12 siblings and so he got permission to talk with his whole family for an hour and a half, and he still didn't get a chance to talk with everyone. I don't think that he did the speaker phone like we did. But it wasn't as distracting as I thought it was going to be, which I guess that’s good because it’s not meant to be distracting. It was pretty normal I thought you guys all sound the same and seem to be doing awesome. How’s the weight loss going????

Oh, don't worry about me getting lazy, but, my companion right now has been pretty tough. He sleeps in a lot, until like 9, and we have to get out of there at 10. So, we pretty much don't have comp study because he isn't there with me, he is getting ready. But I still get up at 6:30, kick him and tell him to get up, work out, and study until we leave. It’s tough when comps aren't there to support you in being obedient. Even when they don't think that they are hindering you, it really does, and more important the work is hindered. So, that’s why I’m guessing it hasn't been going so well in our area. But, I’m trying to find new ideas to work it all out. Maybe you can send me some ideas too.

I’m glad you guys had a chance to watch the Last Airbender. That’s so funny. A member up here told me that it was actually a pretty good movie so I can’t wait. But, sounds like work is going good. Scott told me that you got him a laptop and so we were talking about how you must've gotten a raise from being a seminary teacher, and I told Scott that he better start paying his tithing so that you could get more raises. Haha, not true about the raises probably at all, but, I thought that it would help him choose to do something for a purpose. But, good luck with work and with tennis. I love you so much and thanks for all the Christmas presents.

Love your son,

Elder Moore

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