Saturday, May 29, 2010


May 29, 2010

To Dad from Elder Moore:

The MTC is pretty good...My companion's name is Elder Olaso, he is from Boise, ID. He is the district leader for our district now, so it is pretty cool to tag along with him. He is one of those video game players but also played lacrosse and water polo. He told me the other night he was top 5 in the world for this one League of Legends game which I had no idea what it was all about...I'm glad I got rid of video games and spent my time playing sports and all. I had so much fun running and mainly playing tennis...Tell me about the French Open, who is winning and who got knocked out early...It's so different here. Every one is so different here it's crazy. I'll write more stuff in mom's e-mail...I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do it all.

Your son,

Elder Moore

To Mom from Elder Moore:

Well, they will only let us write letters on P-days, mine is on Friday's. Today it's Saturday. We didn't have it yesterday cause I was still going through orientation. I would write you every night, but the time here is so compressed I barely have enough time to write in my journal before lights out, and we are just so busy besides p-days being in classes and having companion and personal study times. I wouldn't want to take away the spirit that I'm supposed to have by being distracted to write to you...Kinda harsh I know, but it's really what it is. The spirit is so strong here at the MTC. The MTC is just awesome. Everyone is united in the same cause so that there are no real differences. I can be myself and do all that I can to grow closer with the Lord. So far in classes we are just going over the first discussion with our companions. Speaking of companion's name is Elder Olaso. He is pretty cool, really smart, and kinda nerdy. He played a lot of video games back home. He is from Boise, and he is the district leader, which is awesome cause I get to assist him. I know you were talking about how I would have so many leadership positions because of my experience, but I really hope that I don't have any. I don't think I need it, and it wouldn't benefit me as much as it would benefit someone else who needed the opportunity to lead. I've had too many of those and I think I need to give it up and let others have the opportunity to do it. The food here is good. Don't worry, I've decided now that I don't want to become fat, so I'm watching what I eat. My BLOOD SUGARS are doing amazing so NO need to worry ok. I'm doing great, they gave me a fridge to put my insulin and stuff in so I don't have to worry about it. I have 24/7 cafeteria access so that's awesome. Don't worry mom they take care of me heere. I'm doing fine health wise. I'm not sure what all to write. A lot of stuff keeps going thru my head and I don't have a lot of time. The people in my district are cool. All the elders are all going to Indiana, so it's cool to be together before we leave and all, and there are 4 sisters who are all going to Rochester, New York. They are great and very spiritual so I love it here. We are all striving to do the best we can and more. We pray a lot and sing songs so that the spirit can be with us as much as possible. I had a little thought the other day about the spirit. I thought to myself that every time that I feel it I really do think that with that power I can do anything. I can move mountains, part seas, and heal the sick. The spirit is just the coolest thing in the world for sure. Nothing tops it except Jesus and Heavenly Father I guess, but they are all together in the same cause so it's so cool. All the other guys got letters and packages from lady friends. I have to get my lady friends on top of writing me and sending me packages of goodies. I did get 2 letters from girls so that was so cool. It's the greatest feeling in the world to get mail here. It's kinda the same from getting it from your mom, but not the same as girls and old friends. Tell Chase good luck on his talk. I'm sure he will do great. I'm looking forward to seeing him. Tell him that the spirit has to talk thru him for his talk and his talk will be amazing. I got to go, time is almost out.

Love you,

Elder Moore

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