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July 27, 2010 - Last Letter From Logansport

July 27, 2010
Hey Everyone,

Well good news. I’m still loving the mission, so I haven't gone apostate yet. I’m not really planning on it either, but I got a phone call this morning from the mission president and I’m getting transferred tomorrow. I have no idea where yet but I was way disappointed, ha ha. I wanted to stay here in Logansport just because of how much has happened and about how much is going on right now. The baptism for Nathan was so awesome, just the spirit there was so clear. I didn't realize it, but it was the first baptism that I've gone to since mine I think, so it’s been a while. Nathan had a lot of his family there to support him since most of them don't go to church at all. So it was nice and the ward came and supported him. He goes to a different ward then Logansport because his aunt comes and picks him up each Sunday and takes him to Warsaw. And since he is only 12, we can't complain about him coming to our ward so it was alright with us, even though he is in the Logansport boundaries. But, people in the Logansport and Warsaw wards were both there to support him. There are a lot of nice people out here. Anyways, his uncle baptized him and since his family came so far to see him get baptized he was just confirmed right after. The stake president okayed it and all, so he asked me and Elder Banner to be in the circle and WOW was it a experience. We all stood there and while the confirming was going on the spirit was so, so strong it was like a force I don't really know how to describe it even. It was the most peaceful, protecting feeling I'm bold enough to say that I've ever felt. It was so unreal, but at the same time you knew that it was there. It wasn't more or less a feeling but an actual something around you. I have no idea if that makes sense at all, but I know for sure that it was the spirit of God. And, by everyone who confirmed Nathan we all had the power and authority to give him that gift of the Holy Ghost to have as a constant companion. Nathan was the most excited. I've never seen him so excited before. It was good to see that expression in him that he knew what he felt and the importance of doing it. I took pictures of it so I’ll have to send some. We were taken out by his family to Golden Corral and man did I love that. All you can eat and more, ha ha . His whole family loves us since I’m going I won’t be able to see him again, or his family. But we’re planning on working with Nathan’s sister next and get her baptized and to church because there are girls her age at church and her cousin who is the same age goes to church. So hopefully, Elder Banner can impact her and impact the rest of the family to get to church and know the importance of it. To help other people out, and to take the sacrament to renew your baptismal covenants, and there are more reasons than that, but I just can't remember them, ha ha. Well the baptism was a success. We gave Nathan a Book of Mormon that is kinda old school. It’s a hard back, but it’s not blue. We had some at our house so we wanted to give him something to remember us by. We wrote our testimonies in it.

We went tracting the other night in a storm ( don’t worry mom it wasn't a huge tornado or lightning storm, I’m not foolish ok) ha ha. But we got soaking wet. We would talk to people on their doorsteps and they would just send us right back out into the storm no sympathy at all. Tsk, tsk, tsk. It was fun though. We jumped in puddles, and rivers that were flowing down the streets, just because there was no way we could get any more wet. It started getting bad with lightning so we went to the car and drove to a less actives, because the power went out and we don't want to be creepy to people while talking to them with the lights out. Well we were driving on the main roads and we see the side streets flooded with water so we pull over and take a picture of cars just up to their bumpers with water. It was cool. I’ll send the pictures, don't worry. We saw Mario yesterday and we taught the first half of the plan of salvation. about that tagalog book (or whatever way the language is spelled), he doesn't want to read tagalog at all. All he wants to read is English. He reads Twilight and other books and all that stuff. He says that he wants to just speak English so he can learn faster, so our lesson went good making sure he understood everything with us. He is comfortable with us to ask questions about words he doesn't know or if he is saying a sentence right. And if he doesn't understand a concept so, its kinda hard to simplify everything, but we were getting the hang of it. We are actually going to play Basketball with him today, because he likes watching it and he doesn't get out of the house much, since his wife is the only one who can work and she has the car so he just sits at home and reads. So, he is reading the BOM and pamphlets we give him which is awesome. He wants to get baptized, so it will be hard to leave here and not get to see him do that because he is a way sweet guy. He loves us over there, so it’s good. I think he just needs friends, so that’s what we are trying to do. He and his wife, move in a month to Kokomo which is just the next biggest town south of Logansport. So he wants to get baptized before they move so he and his wife can go to church every Sunday in Kokomo . It’s awesome to see his desire to know more. We met with these 2 investigators, Mike and Pam, they're husband and wife and they are just the most humble people. They truly want to know more of what we tell them. Even if they get proven wrong they don't get offended. We tell them why something is and read scriptures, and they will just be like ‘oh man have I been wrong’ and when we come back they will just say ‘I studied about prophets and the bible does say Christ's church does need prophets’ and Mike will say ‘Ya I was wrong.’ You don't get that a lot, but they are looking for the truth and that’s exactly what we have, the truth of God’s gospel. It’s so cool to teach people and a privilege to be out here and given the opportunity to teach God’s word because of how much happiness it can truly give people. I definitely know that it brings happiness because I have seen it in my life and I have seen it in the lives of other people and how much the more you know, the more comfortable you are with yourself. And life just seems so clear in a way. I don't mean that in a boring way but it’s just clear view of everything and you’re so much happier when you see it that way. I still have fun all the time, but I’m not sure how to explain teaching the gospel in words, it’s just an awesome humbling experience. Everything else is going good though. Diabetes is going well, we bike a lot and walk. I better tell you this now P-day is getting changed to Monday now. The new president is changing things up. He is a way nice guy. Way into making sure everyone is doing good and working hard. Haven't really had a chance to talk with him for a long time, just interviews and stuff. Well the first transfer was such a slap in the face learning experience. I’m still learning and still remembering everything that I knew before. I am more comfortable talking to people and just being me and my personality which is kinda awkward I figured out. But people don’t seem to mind. I love everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you especially mom and dad and Scott, Paul, and Jessie. I hope you guys are doing good and getting by in life. I hope the house sells, so you and dad can spend more time with each other. Thanks a bunch for those overviews of THE LAST AIRBENDER they were sweet. I loved reading them. Well, I’ll write you next week to tell about where I’m serving at. So take care.

Love always,


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