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July 6, 2010 - Logansport, Indiana

July 6, 2010

Hey mom and dad,

Well nothing too exciting happened this week except I do have a funny story to tell you about. My comp and I were out tracting and we go up to this house and the screen door was shut but the wood door behind it was wide open. This sweet little old lady yells at us and says what do you want??? Sweet huh??? Ha, but we just say to talk to you and see how you’re doing. She said really?? Well I’ll tell you my whole life story so she did. Don't worry about that she was a little out of it. You could tell she was about 80 yrs old, so it was a long life story, and then she started telling us about her kids and grandkids and great grandkids. It was insane so we start going into religion, but, she won't really let us. Then my comp Elder Banner just tells the lady Hey my companion here is a really good singer and he would love to sing you a song......I was just like what? Probably with the dumbest look on my face, and the lady was ecstatic. She was like that would be lovely, and of course I’m standing there saying, no I’m a terrible singer, you wouldn't want to hear me. People make fun of my singing, I’m really not that good. And Elder Banner is just saying oh no he is just being modest and polite, he is really, really, good. So she gets all ready, turns off her TV, which took her 10 minutes to do, and she sat down and said go for it, and she wasn't taking no for an answer. So I just freeze up and say, well my comp and I will sing it and Elder Banner just looks at me and shakes his head and for some reason I just start singing I am a Child of God. I sing the first verse and after I finished the lady starts clapping saying that I was really good. Good thing she was really old, cause I don't think she could hear all that well. So, after that we just tell her we had to go, and me and my comp just start busting up laughing on the side walk. I wasn't really mad just taken back about how I got stuck with doing it and how I went thru with it. Everything else is going good, working on seeing less actives, and I still see how important home teachers really are. 4th of July was interesting. They didn't have us inside early and there were a lot of drunk people out and about. We didn't get too much crap though, a lot of people respect us out here even in the rough part of town where everyone is carrying guns and stuff. We actually got shot at though...Don't freak out mom I’m alright it was weird though. Still a lot of nice people. It’s definitely weird to see girls out here in your mission. You think, well at least I did, that when you come out here girls don't exist, well at least the pretty ones don't exist anymore. Or maybe you just don't notice them at all. But a lot of girls driving past us will whistle or shout, ‘hey baby’ or say, ‘I'd like some of that’. Ha ha, it’s pretty funny but it’s definitely ‘cause me and my comp are so good looking. Ha ha, just kidding. But putting it past your mind and putting a lot of other things past your mind is a lot harder than I thought it would be from when I got out here on the mission. I'm still working on it though and working on just totally forgetting myself. It sounds like a simple statement but i definitely have found it a lot harder than a lot of things in life cause that’s who we think about most usually, ourselves. So I definitely got to stop it. I’m working on it though. I love talking to people and meeting weirdos, or people that just hate us. It makes me smile, ha ha, ‘cause it doesn't even matter what they think about you, they still need the gospel. So does everyone else in the world no matter what they have done or who they are. I do have a baptism coming up though on the 24th of July for the 12 year old kid I told you about. It will be way awesome, it’s always fun to teach him about all the stuff, ‘cause we try to use object lessons so he will understand better and actually know it.

So about my insulin stuff, I’m really confused about the whole new insulin you have lined up for me. And my pump, nope i don't want it. Like you said a lot of people seem to have more negative things than positive about it, and I know that it would be more of a hassle out here in the mission field than anything. So yep, give it to Dave O. My blood sugars are doing awesome. Don't worry about that I should check more times during the day, but when you’re so busy saving lives it’s hard. Remember, I don't want it and give it to Dave O. ok? Nothing is gonna change my mind. Another diabetic out here is taking shots and his last Ha1c was 5.6 or something like that, just super well controlled, so it helps a lot more then pumps I think. My watch was the one Scott and Paul gave to me. Don’t worry about it though, I don't really want a watch cause you start looking at it too much and time just seems to stay frozen. It’s a lot better without. Maybe you could get it fixed, but I don't really know. Ask Paul about it maybe. And yes, get the whole family to write to me. Tell them that I really want to hear from them because I really do. I want to hear from G-ma and the grandparents, Doug’s family, Brian’s family. and most importantly my own family. The whole prescription thing to Walgreens or Riteaid, I have no idea. I don't think I have even seen here yet. I’m in a pretty small town. With the cell phone thing we can get messages but we can’t text at all so members will tell us stuff or less actives. We aren't allowed to call out of our zone area, it’s really strict controlled, so it’s not really a distraction for me too much. I have no idea what your phone email is so sorry about that, but it’s cool that you got a new phone. Do you even know how to work it yet since dad hasn't been around?

And Daddio, Wimbledon sounded awesome. I still have no idea who won or anything so you will have to let me know. I sent a letter to ya and I hope you got it. I’m not sure what else to write except I love you all and the mission is going good. It’s just a work in progress.

Oh and MOM and DAD I command you to see the movie "THE LAST AIRBENDER" and tell me all about it. Just pretend you’re me seeing the movie and you will find it to be awesome I’m sure. But seriously, see it for me at least. Don't want to sound to demanding or anything haha.

Don’t send anything to me mom except for the insulin and junk. I don't think I need anything else and i don't want to be loaded with stuff. I think that’s it.

Elder John Moore

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